Immature Adult
Their first step would be to change the email address they use to log into MySpace.

Their first step would be to change the email address they use to log into MySpace.

Shit my grandma says

After over-hearing a conversation my brother and I were having about prison; “What were you saying about a tossed salad?”

The good ole days

Remember when everyone was sending around those annoying email forwards. And sometimes you had to open it because your grandma sent it. It was always something inspiration/impossible. Ex: “An angel is watching over you, make a wish and scroll to the bottom of the page. At midnight your crush will call you. If you don’t you’ll never be in love.”

They sort of brought that back on Facebook, only this time much more terrifying. This showed up on my newsfeed today

Real photo or Photoshop


A: Images of a monkey and Larry King’s face morphed together with Photoshop


B: Real photo of a monkey

Answer: B

It’s a girl!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have announced that they will be having a baby girl. I’ve went ahead and generated a photo of what their seemingly lazy-eyed bundle of joy will look like so we won’t have to wait. I feel like they would both agree to adopt their child if it came out this unattractive.

The important thing to realize here is that in a few months, we will be welcoming a tiny baby Kim Kardashian into this world, one of the worst things that could ever happen, second only to a tiny baby Kanye West. How will Kanye manage to fit a whiny, needy, self-centered, immature girl into his busy schedule along with a baby?

You can see Kim, Mr. West and new baby Narcissist on E!s new series, “Who Let Them Procreate?” premiering next summer.

Art or Instagram

A: artwork embracing the complacent college dorm dweller mentality


B: an instagrammed picture of my kitchen counter

Answer: B